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Q: How many votes did Pat Paulsen for president get in 1968?
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How many electoral college votes did Nixon get his first and second term?

NUMBER of ELECTORAL VOTES RECIEVED by RICHARD M. NIXON:1952 : 442 votes for vice president (83.2%)1956 : 457 votes for vice president (86.1%)1960 : 219 votes for president (40.8%)1968 : 301 votes for president (55.9%)1972 : 520 votes for president (96.7%)

How many votes are needed to elect the Indian president?

2 votes

Who will initiate impeachment and how many votes required?

The senate president,as many as votes get to the whole courtroom.

How many votes did President Obama receive in 2012?

365 votes (67.8%)

How many electoral votes did pennsylvania's governor get?

none,electoral college only votes for president n vice president

How many electoral votes do you have to win to become president?

270 votes from the electoral college are required to become president.

How many no of votes are there to president of India?


When the house of representatives votes for the president how many votes do they get?

Each state gets one vote

How many votes does Donald trump and Clinton?

To become president they need 265 electoral votes.

How many vote does it take to be president?

It depends on how many votes the other candidate is getting. If you were a candidate running for president, and if your opponent had 74 votes, you'd have to get more than that to win the election. If he got 98, you have to get more than 98 to win.

How many votes do you need to become president and how many total votes are there?

Since 1964 the winner needs 270 out of 538.

How many votes are needed to be selected president in the House contingency election for president?