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Q: How many years after the authorization of the transcontinental railroad was the interstate commerce commission created?
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When was Interstate Commerce Commission created?

President Grover Cleveland signed the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 and created the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), the U.S. government's first regulatory agency

What year did the interstate commerce commission start?

The Interstate Commerce Commission started on February 4, 1887.

What was the first independent federal regulatory agency?

Interstate commerce commission

Which of these was not directly related to political corruption?

The Interstate Commerce Commission was not directly related to political corruption.

What agency licenses and regulates all railroads?

The regulatory body in the US is the Interstate Commerce Commission.

The _______ was/were set up to stop corruption in the railroad industry.?

it was the Department of Transportation

Which of these agencies regulates all commercial transportation by railroads highways and domestic waterways?

interstate commerce commission

The creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1887 was due to?

In 1887, the first regulatory agency, the Interstate Commerce Commission, was created to regulate monopolistic pricing policies of railroads.

Which of these themes is most directly related to the reason for the creation of the interstate commerce commission?

Economics is most directly related to the reason the Interstate Commerce Commission was created.

The interstate commerce commission ICC monitored?


Who created the FCC?

The Post Office and Commerce Departments and the Interstate Commerce Commission

What was the first agency created by congress?

the interstate commerce commission