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4 years

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Q: How many years is the US president is elected for?
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How many years is the US president elected?

4 yrs.

How many years are you president?

This depends on the country/organization. A US President is elected to one term of 4 years.

How many times president can re-elect in US?

The president can be elected twice in terms of four years. A maximum of eight years- two terms

Total number of years a president may be elected?

The US president can be elected for two terms which would be 8 years total.

We elect a president for how many years-?

The president of the US is elected for a 4-year term. Thereafter, the president may be re-elected for one additional term, for a maximum total of eight years.

How many years can someone be President of the US?

Technically, 12. In the most extreme of circumstances, a VP could become president for 4 years if the president were to be killed immediately after taking office. He/she could then be elected twice, equalling 8 years total as the elected president.

The US president serves a term of how many years?

The President serves 4 years for 1 term, and can be re-elected once for a second term.

How many times ford was elected president of the us?

I think he was never elected

How many years may a person be appointed as a president?

The president of the US isn't appointed ... rather, elected. A maximum of two terms (8 years) is all they can serve in that office.

For how many years are US representatives elected?

they are elected for two years

If a president is elected for two terms how many years in office will the president serve?

if a US President is elected for 2 terms he will serve 8 years unless he resigns, dies, or becomes unable to perform his duties. A vice-president (or other official) who succeeds an elected president may serve for up to 2 years without forfeiting eligibility to two elected terms. So a President can serve a maximum of 10 years under the law set forth in the 22nd Amendment.

Who was elected us president in 1992?

Bill Clinton was elected US President in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996.