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150,000,000 $

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Q: How much do people pay in taxes in 1700s?
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How much taxes do you have to pay on $600.00?

How much federal taxes do you have to pay on $600?

How much money in taxes people had to pay in 1770?

The colonists of America had to pay about $1.20 a year in taxes. Based on inflation, that is about $624 today.

How much did the people in medieval times pay in taxes to the lord?


Which branch decides how much people should pay in taxes?


Why did the colonists want to have their own taxes?

because then they can decide how much to make people pay when they have taxes due

How do people pay taxes?

People pay taxes in many different ways. Taxes are taken out of your paycheck, you pay taxes when you make purchases at a store, and you pay taxes on your home and property.

Do people in Alaska pay taxes?

People in Alaska pay state and federal taxes.

Do people in China pay for education?

if they pay the taxes for the house then no if they don't pay taxes then they do pay

Did free blacks pay taxes in the late 1700s or the 1800s?

No, not until they were fully emancipated and considered citizens after the civil war.

How much do Alabamas pay on taxes?

People in Alabama pays 1.6 percent in taxes. This can all depend if you are self employed.

How did poll taxes work?

Depends. In the UK people use poll taxes as a station a some people even use them as money stations. They work by the Government and PMs and MPs seeing how much people and how much money the people have to pay the poll stations. Some people even never pay poll taxes! That makes them stupid people!

Why Ugandans have to pay taxes?

For the same reasons people elsewhere pay taxes.