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None at all. ALL current circulating dollar coins are made of a brass/manganese alloy. They have about 10 cents worth of metal in them, that's all. The fact that these coins are golden in color but not real gold has been all over the media for years.

Also, if you stop to think about it for a minute, with gold at $950/oz even the most bone-headed people in government wouldn't be foolish enough to mint coins worth tens or hundreds of dollars and put them into circulation for a buck each.

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Q: How much gold is in a 2007 George Washington gold coin?
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What revolution was George Washington in?

what is the value of the revolution bicentinniel coin of George Washington gold coin

What is the value of a George Washington one dollar gold coin no year?

$1. It's made of brass, not gold, and the year (2007) is on the edge.

How much can you get for George Washington gold dollar coin?

$1. It's brass, not gold, and is an ordinary circulation strike coin.

What is the value of a George Washington gold 1 dollar coin?

It was made in 2007 (the date is on the edge), and is brass, not gold. In circulated condition its value is 1 dollar, uncirculated perhaps $3 or so.

Is there a gold 1coin with George Washington on one side and the Statue of liberty on the other?

Is there a $1 gold coin with George Washington on one side and the Statue of Liberty on the other. Does that exist?

How much is the George Washington one dollar gold coin worth?

It's not gold and it's only a dollar.

What is bicentenial 1776-1976 George Washington 500 fine gold coin worth?


What is George Washington coin un mint 1789-1797 worth?

It was made in 2007, the date/mintmark is on the edge. Value is a dollar and it's not gold. The color is from the brass it's made from.

What Is a 1748 George Washington Gold Coin Worth?

Please check again and post a new question. George Washington was only 16 years old in 1748.

Did George Washington create coin money?

No. Money in the form of coins had been around long since before George Washington was even born. This was in the form of gold coins.

What is the value of a gold coin that has George Washington on it and the dates 1779-1782?

The coin you have is probably from the Presidents series of dollar coins. They are composed of bronze and not gold and are worth $1 to $2 depending upon the condition of the coin.

How much is a George Washington gold one dollar coin year 1789-1797?

It's the first in the presidential dollar coin series, and it's worth one dollar. The coin is made of brass, not gold.