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one dollar

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I don't understand why people ask this and then nobody has an answer. Does like, nobody in the world know at all?

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tell me

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Q: How much is Mount Vernon worth today?
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How much is 1936 one cent Washington Greene mount vernon stamp worth?

Scott Number 785 pictures Mount Vernon. This 1c stamp was issued in 1936. It has a minimal value used and can be purchased for 65 cents in mint condition.

Where was William Semple when he invented gum?

Mount Vernon, Ohio. He was attempting to create something that would help in dentistry; much like how toothpaste is used today.

How much is Ted Vernon worth?

53 billion

How much is the painting English Roses by Vernon Ward worth?

its priceless its not worth anything :)

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How much is a mt vernon vernois wood stove worth?


How much would it cost to put in a new deck at my Mount Vernon home in NY?

The cost to put in a deck at a Mount Vernon home in NY is about $35,000 depending on the contractor. You need to get several estimates before choosing a contractor.

How much is a Vernon Wells autographed baseball cap worth?

About $900-$1000

Who is Trey Ross?

aka Yung Water is pretty much the sickest rapper in Mount Vernon High School

How much is mount Saint Helen ash worth?


How much does hernia surgery cost for a horse?

I paid about $1000 to have my quarter horse filly's large umbilical hernia (3 finger that had not resolved by age 15 months) repaired surgically, under general anaesthesia, at Mount Vernon Veterinary Hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington.

How much is 31.1 grams of gold worth today?

How much is 31.1 grams of 24k gold worth today