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These coins are NOT made of real gold. They are very common and are worth only face value unless the have the mintmark S on the side of the coin.

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Q: How much is a Andrew Johnson gold coin worth?
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How much is an gold brass Andrew Johnson coin worth?


Is there a date on Andrew Johnson dollar gold coin and what is it worth?

The 2011 Andrew Johnson dollar coin is NOT gold. It's made of copper with an outer layer of brass. The date, mintmark and mottos are on the edge of the coin. The coin is only face value.

How much is gold Andrew Johnson 1 coin worth?

It is 1 dollor and if you search it says that XD LOL MUFFINS

What is the value of an Andrew Jobnson 1865-1869 gold dollar worth?

If you got it from a bank or in change it's $1.00. Only a proof coin is worth more. The dual date 1865-1869 is the term in office of Andrew Johnson as president. The 2011 date & mintmark is on the edge of the coin. Also, it's not gold.

What is the value of a Andrew Johnson gold dollar with a 1865 date?

This is a common $1 coin. It is not made of gold. It is made of brass. It is worth a dollar unless it is proof or uncirculated. If it is a proof it will have the mintmark "S".

How much is Andrew jacksons gold 1 worth?

If you mean the recent $1 coin, it's worth $1.

What is the Tower of London gold coin worth from 1977?

If the coin is actually made from gold, it will be worth whatever the gold content is worth. If it is a coin of gold appearance, it will maybe be worth whatever you paid for it.

How much is the 2000 1.00 gold coin worth?

The coin is a Sacagawea dollar, it has no gold and is worth $1.00

How much gold is in a 1911 Indian head two and one half dollar gold coin worth?

The coin has .12094oz of pure gold, the coin is worth $165.40 just for the gold.

How much is a gold dollar coin worth dates 1829-1837?

If it has an image of Andrew Jackson on it, then it's part of the current Presidential dollar series and is worth one dollar.

What is the current value of Andrew Johnson 2011 gold dollar coin?

The current face value of all presidential dollar coins is $1. Remember, they're brass, not gold. Presidential dollar coins minted at Philadelphia and Denver are worth a dollar even if they are uncirculated. Proof-quality presidential dollar coins minted at San Fransisco are worth $3.

Is a gold coin worth more as a coin or for its weight?

It depends. An older gold coin is worth more as a coin if it is in mint condition. That means it looks perfect. It was never used. If it is worn or damaged, it might be worth more for its weight in gold.