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Basically, national security is the president's responsability. He has a National Security Adviser appointed by him on his White House staff. He also is Commander-in-chief of all the US armed forces, and all the security agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA and others ultimately report to him. He can through their directors appointed and fired by him, influence the way in which they operate and prioritize.

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The President has tremendous powers, not all given to him at the same time, some powers come into play during war, disaster, whatever, but this is a very vague question and should be fine tuned to a specific power or area of power.

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Q: How much power can a president wield to ensure national?
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Does a constitution creates political institutions and allocates power within a government?

No a constitution form a frame work within which a government can wield power.

What will happen if power is not shared equally in government?

If power is not shared equally in government some branches will wield more power and influence than others, which results in imbalance that threatens stability

Major powers of the president listed in the constitution?

Serve as commander in chief of the armed forces, commission officers of the armed forces, Grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses (except impeachment), Convene congress in special sessions, Receive ambassadors, take care that the laws be faithfully executed, wield "executive powers", appoint officials to lesser offices.

Five presidential powers?

The presidential powers state that the President is the Commander in Chief of the armed services and of state militias when they are called into federal service. The President may require opinions of the principal officers of the federal government. The president may grant reprieves and pardons, except in cases of impeachment. The president may make treaties, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The President may, with the advice of the Senate, may appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States whose appointments are not otherwise described in the Constitution.

What is the name for a government that exerts a great deal power over the actions of the population but that does not interfere with their ideas and intimate lives?

There is no specific word for this kind of government. There is the term AUTHORITARIANISM which refers to any government that wields significant power over a population, but there is no requirement that an authoritarian government not interfere with citizens' ideas and intimate lives. However, authoritarian governments that do wield power over citizens' ideas and intimate lives are called totalitarian governments.

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How can power get corrupted?

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Power is a corrupting force itself; it is corrupted by the integrity of the people who wield it.

Why were the white people so angry at the black people during the bus boycott?

The bus boycott showed that black people could wield power which was one of the thing racists feared the most. One of the purposes of segregation was to ensure that black Americans did not have equal access to power.

What is a figurehead president?

The term "figurehead" is used to express that the president does not wield real power. He is just the "figure" that people see on television. It also can imply that real power is held elsewhere; either by another governing body (like Congress) or, more sinisterly, by a small group of powerful people like big business.

Having power to cause changes?

The ability to influence or manipulate events, decisions, or outcomes to bring about specific changes is what having power means. Power can be derived from various sources, such as authority, wealth, knowledge, or charisma, and can be used positively to drive progress or negatively to exploit others. It is essential to wield power responsibly and ethically to ensure beneficial outcomes for all involved.

What types of power may a manager wield?

Power stems from a variety of sources: reward power, coercive power, information power, resource power, expert power, referent power, and legitimate power

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because they have money and are well known

What is Risma's power from vampire knight?

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Does a constitution creates political institutions and allocates power within a government?

No a constitution form a frame work within which a government can wield power.

How powerful is the accountant?

Accountancy is a service job not a management job and thus while professional, it does not wield power.

How does democracy wield power?

Democracy normally ensures that the majority of the population influences how the nation is run. Democracy therefore gets its power from the majority of the population.