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they were $4 per person.

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Q: How much were tickets to the first official inaugural ball in 1809?
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Who was the first president to have an inaugural ball held for him in 1809?

The first president to have an inaugural ball held for him in 1809 was James Madison.

What year was Thomas Jefferson's inauguration?

* First Inaugural Address (1801) * Second Inaugural Address (1805) Remember, he served two terms, from 1801 to 1809.

For which president did the Inaugural Ball become a tradition?

James Madison in 1809

When was the phantom coach written?

1809 - according to the official handbook. 1809 - according to the official handbook.

Who was the first president to have an inaugural ball held for him?

Although his friends made George Washington the guest of honor at a ball about a week after he took office as the first president, the first inaugural event that was like the modern inaugural balls was for James Madison in 1809. His wife, Dolley, organized a ball at Long's Hotel in Washington and charged a substantial admission to collect campaign funds just as in done now.

In club penguin the official guide what is the word on page 1809 words from the left line 8?


Who wrote the first ever autobiography?

Robert Southey in 1809 was the first official autobiography written. REALLY?? WOW I DIDNT KNOW THAT (im actually not being sarcastic XD) That is really interesting actually XD XP

What kind of inventions were made the year 1809-1817?

Huphary Davy invented the first light bulb in 1809.

When was the electron cloud theory first thought of?

in 1809 by neils Rutherford

Who installed the first hearing system in white house in 1809?

That would be the first deaf president.

Who was the first women to receive a us patent in 1809?

Mary dixon kies

What president installed the first heating system in 1809?

James Madison was the President in 1809, but the first central heating system in the White House was not installed until 1837 under Martin Van Buren.