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Emily fitch, is 16 in skins.

kathryn prescott, is 18.

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Q: How old is Emily prescott from skins?
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Who plays Emily on the show Skins?

Emily is played by Kathryn Prescott.

What is the real name of the actress that plays the character Emily in skins?

Kathryn Prescott

What are real names of Emily and Katie fitch from skins?

Kathryn and Megan Prescott.

What is the name off Emily in skins?

**{The real name of Emily of of skins is Kathryn Prescott and her twin Katie's real names is Megan Prescott.}** Effy - KAYA SCODELARIO Emily - KATHRYN PRESCOTT Naomi - LILY LOVELESS Katie - MEGAN PRESCOTT Pandora - LISA BACKWELL JJ - OLLIE BARBIERI Cook - JACK O'CONNEL Freddie - LUKE PASQUALINO Thomas - MERVEILLE LUKEBA Hope that helped

Who plays the twins in skins?

The 3rd series of UK teen drama "Skins" on E4 features the characters Katie and Emily Fitch, identical twin sisters played by Megan and Kat Prescott respectively.

When was Emily - Skins episode - created?

Emily - Skins episode - was created on 2010-02-04.

Who are the cast of skins?

Here are the main characters of the current series. Cook--Jack O'Connell Freddie--Luke Pasqualino Effy--Kaya Scodelario JJ--Ollie Barbieri Naomi--Lily Loveless Katie--Megan Prescott Emily--Kathryn Prescott Pandora--Lisa Blackwell Thomas--Merveille Lukeba

Why is Emily from Skins the best?

she isn't she wish she was

What are the ratings and certificates for Skins - 2007 Katie and Emily 3-9?

Skins - 2007 Katie and Emily 3-9 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 (Season 3)

How old is John Prescott?

John Prescott is 73 years old (birthdate: May 31, 1938).

How old is Kalia Prescott?

US actress Kalia Prescott is 20 years old (born November 5, 1997).

How old is Megan Prescott?

Megan Prescott (twin of Kathryn) is 26 years old (birthdate: June 4, 1991).