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He signed it in early August with everyone else.

He actually didn't join congress until July 22 1776, after the declaration had been approved on the 4th. But he was as happy as anyone for the chance to sign it. He had worked diligently for years to bring about the independence of the colonies.

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Q: How old was Benjamin Rush when he signed the Declaration of Independence?
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What effect did Benjamin rush have on the Declaration of Independence?

Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania, signed the Declaration of Independence and later pushed for Pennsylvania to ratify the new Constitution of the United States. He had little or no effect on the wording of the Declaration of Independence.

Was Benjamin rush a patriot or a loyalist?

Benjamin Rush was a Patriot because he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence

What did Benjamin Rush do?

What Benjamin Rush did was sign the declaration of independence, to express his opinion to have freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness

What declaration of independence signer was a captain in the Atlantic slave trade?

Benjamin Rush: This is not true. Benjamin Rush was a staunch opponent of slavery and the slave trade.

Who was a famous colonial doctor?

In 1775, the Declaration of Independence was signed by four doctors. * Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire * Lyman Hall of Georgia * Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania * Matthew Thornton of New Hampshire

Who was Rush Street named after?

Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) a physician � He signed the Declaration of Independence. � Served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. � A friend of Thomas Paine. � Chicago�s Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke�s Medical Center was named in his honor. � It's my understanding that actress Barbara Rush is a descendant of Dr. Thomas Rush.

Who signed the Declaration of Independence from Philadelphia?

The signers from Pennsylvania were Benjamin Franklin and also George Clymer, Robert Morris, John Morton, Benjamin Rush, George Ross, James Smith, James Wilson and George Taylor. No one signed specifically for Philadelphia because it was a city, not a colony (equivalent to states later on) and each colony was represented, but not any cities.

Did Benjamin rush sign the declaration of independents?

yes he did sing the declaration of indenents!

How many signers of the declaration of independence were physicians?

I'm pretty sure it was 4, Joshia Bartlett, Lyman Hall, Dr. Benjamin Rush, and Matthew Thornton. Hope you find this info helpful!

Who signed the declaration of independence that was a leading physician of the time and helped found the first American antislavery society?

benjimin rush

Who are BF BR PR?

As you have categorised this under "American Revolution" and "Famous People" I presume that BF might be Benjamin Franklin. This leads one then to assume that BR might be Benjamin Rush (who was also a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, and was also representing Pennsylvania). But I cannot find anyone to fill out PR.

Which state had the most signers of the declaration of independence?

Pennsylvania• George Clymer• Benjamin Franklin• Robert Morris• John Morton• Benjamin Rush• George Ross• James Smith• James Wilson• George TaylorPennsylvania had nine