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Q: How old was Marquis de Lafayette when he helped George Washington?
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Who was the frenchman who helped George Washington?

Marquis de Lafayette

What were early colonists in New Netherlands were most interested in?

How did Marquis de Lafayette helped George Washington during the American Revolution

Who helped Washington at Valley Forge and organized and led French Revolution?

Marquis De Lafayette

What did marquise de Lafayette do?

he helped George Washington fight the brittish. The revolutionary war

What did marquis de Lafayette and baron von stuben provide during the American revolution?

mariquis helped George Washington with the equipment and good however baron helped with training the soldiers and win several of the battles including the one of yorkstown.

Who was the french nobleman who helped patriots fight the british?

The Marquis de Lafayette.

War in which marquis de Lafayette helped Washington?

Revolution. Later, in the French Revolution he used tactics learned in the American revolution.

How did Marquis de Lafayette help win the revolutionary war?

Marquis De Lafayette helped the revolutionary war by volunteering time and cash.

How did Lafayette NY get its name?

It was named after the French general who helped George Washington in the Revolutionary War.

Who was the French nobleman who helped the patriots fight British?

The Marquis de Lafayette.

Who was the French volunteer who helped George Washington fight against the British and became a brilliant military commander?


How did Marquis de Lafayette contribute to the war effort?

Marquis De Lafayette helped Washington's army financially, and finally convinced The king of France to help the Colonists (I did a S.S. assignment and had to dress up and learn about him.