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Francis Marion died of uncontrolable bladder issues

and because he was old

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from a terrible cold in the winter

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he died in South Carolina

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he died when he was 63 years old

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Q: How old was francis Marion when he died?
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Francis Marion Burdick died in 1920.

When did Francis Marion McDowell die?

Francis Marion McDowell died in 1894.

When did Francis Marion Smith die?

Francis Marion Smith died in 1931.

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Francis Marion Wright died in 1917.

When did Francis Marion Stokes die?

Francis Marion Stokes died on 1975-06-02.

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Francis Marion Crawford died on April 9, 1909, in Sorrento, Campania, Italy.

Is Francis Marion's house under lake Marion?

Yes it is. It is just south of the old lumber mill

What was Francis Marion's wifes name?

After the Revolutionary War, and at age 54, Francis Marion married a 49-year old cousin, Mary Esther Videau.

Who fought a type of welfare that helped lead the failure of the British in the south?

Francis Marion

What battles did francis Marion fight in?

francis marion fought in the battle of the galith.

What is Francis Marion's birthday?

Francis Marion was born on February 26, 1732.