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It was strengthened.

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Q: How was the authority of the federal government affected by the war?
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What impact did Union victory during the Civil War have on the relationship between the states and national government?

The authority of the federal government over the state governments was settled.

After the war did the power of the federal government greatly increased?

After the war, the power of the federal government did greatly increase.

What did the civil war do in relation to the power of the federal government?

The Civil War increased the power of the Federal government.

What were The main disagreements of the Civil war?

Although slavery was used as a catalyst, the central issue of the war between the states was state rights vs, federal rights; the southern states did not want the federal government to have the power nor authority to tell them what to do.

What where three moments in the early 1800'S when federal authority clashed with state authority?

From 1800 to 1865 there was tension between state governments and the U.S. federal government. Three key moments were the War of 1812, the Missouri Compromise of 1820, and the Nullification Acts of 1832.

Can states declare war or regulate foreign commerce?

No, states cannot declare war or regulate foreign commerce. These powers are reserved for the federal government, specifically the executive branch (president) and Congress. States have limited authority in matters of foreign affairs and international relations, which are primarily handled at the federal level.

Lincolns main concern wheh he entered the presidency was how to maintain federal authority?

Maintain federal authority without provoking war with the seceded states.

What is one power of the federal gaverment?

The states must obey the rules and laws of Federal Government.

By the end of the civil war which level of government had increased its authority?

the national government.

What is the single greatest authority given to our national government?

"war power" The right for a government to protect itself is the single greatest authority given to a national government.

The Constitution says the federal government has the power to declare war and engage in warfare. Which is a legal responsibility of the government concerning foreign war policies?

The federal government and its agencies must act ethically during war.

Compare and contrast the federal government and the Missouri state government?

Both the federal and the Missouri government ave executive and legislative components. The Federal government has the power to declare war while the Mississippi government does not.