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It was different in that the absolute power of the King had been replaced by the rule of Law as executed by mostly elected officials, controlled ( in theory, at least) by the French Parliament. But government took several different forms after the Revolution of 1789: first rule by Parliament together with a largely powerless King, then the largely illegal rule of the Comité du Salut Public during the period called The Terror in 1793/94, then the Directorate, then the Consulate, then the Empire under Napoleon. Even if the power of some of the rulers was almost absolute, it was now always defined by laws, even if these were (as during The Terror) emergency laws.

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The revolution got rid of all the nobility that ran France . It was no longer a monarchy.

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Q: How was the french government different or the same following the revolution?
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Which of the following groups controlled Saint-Domingue's government before the Haitian Revolution?

French aristocrats

how were the french revolution and american revolution different?

The American Revolution succeeded in establishing the long-term representative government while the French Revolution eventually produced a dictator (Napoleon Bonaparte). The American Revolution was different from the French revolution because the Americal revolution was a revolt against a colonial power. The French revolution was an uprising against the appression imposed by Members of the titled nobility.

How was the French government after the French revolution?


which of the following situations is most similar to the French Revolution?

A group of poor citizens attacks a state legislature and establishes its own government. :)

To which of the following is Wordsworth referring?

The French Revolution

Who brought changes in the French government in the 1780?

the french revolution.

Why did the French revolution occur?

The French Revolution occurred because the people saw how effective the American Revolution was and they realized it was possible to change their government.

What do the American revolution the french revolution what do the American revolution the french revolution and the glorious revolution different?

I'm assuming you mean how all three are different. The America revolution was to break away from the Mother Country. The French revolution was to force the monarchy out of power so they could have a democratic government. The Glorious Revolution was to keep Catholics off throne of Protestant England because a Catholic heading the Anglican church just wouldn't work.

What best describes a difference between the French and American revolutions?

The American Revolution created a lasting form of liberal government, while the French Revolution did not.

What was the difference before the French revolution and after the French revolution?

The main difference was that the government was changed from a monarchy to a democracy.

The French Revolution successfully replaced what type of government?

The French Revolution overthrew the Absolute Monarchy of France.

What was the last government of the French Revolution?

The Directory.