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Q: How was the tax rate in the 1940s?
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How do you find the tax rate if you have the pre tax and after tax profit?

After Tax Profit = Pretax Profit * (1 - Tax Rate) Solve for Tax Rate Tax Rate = 1 - (After Tax Profit/Pretax Profit)

What tax rate increases as the tax base increases?

The progressive tax rate is one where the tax rate increases as the taxable rate, or income, is increasing.

What is 91.00 plus tax?

The answer depends on the rate of tax.The answer depends on the rate of tax.The answer depends on the rate of tax.The answer depends on the rate of tax.

What is the tax for 85.00?

What percent is the tax rate? A tax rate of 10% would be $8.50.

What is the sales tax rate in Tulsa OK?

The sales tax rate in Tulsa, Oklahoma is 8.517%. This rate is comprised of the state sales tax rate of 4.5%, Tulsa County sales tax rate of 1.417%, and the City of Tulsa sales tax rate of 2.6%.

A regressive tax is BEST defined as a rate of tax?

A regressive tax is a rate of tax that falls as the income rises.

What is the present service tax rate?

till 31.3.2012 service tax rate : 10.30% from 1.4.2012 service tax rate : 12.36%

In making financial decisions the relevant tax rate is the?

The relevant tax rate is the marginal tax rate in making finicial decisions.

The sales tax on a purchase of55 was 3.85 what was the tax rate percent?

The tax rate was about 7.5%

How to calculate the sales tax rate?

Amount x Tax Rate % = (finds out the amount of tax) or Amount x .__ (tax rate, if it is 7 you would put .07) = (amount of tax) To determine the sales tax rate you would have to contact the locality you live in because the rate can vary from town to town.

What is the state tax rate for Alaska?

Alaska has no state tax rate

If 116 before tax and 7 tax what is the tax rate?

Tax rate = 100*7/116 = 6.03% approx.