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with soap and water in a sink by hand with a dishrag, or by a special 1950's dish cleaning dog.

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Q: How were dishes washed in the 1950?
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How do you use dishes in a sentence?

I washed the dishes last night because you were too lazy to do them.

Place where dishes etc are washed?

kitchen sink

What job did Martin Luther's mother have?

washed dishes

What actors and actresses appeared in Delicious Dishes - 1950?

The cast of Delicious Dishes - 1950 includes: Arnold Morris as Chef

What are the 4 types of sentences for English grammar?

These are the four types, along with an example of each. 1) Declarative sentence (I washed the dishes.) 2) Interrogative sentence (When did you wash the dishes?) 3) Exclamatory sentence (I washed a lot of dishes!) 4) Imperative sentence (Please wash the dishes.)

Amount of gallons used when doing dishes by hand?

The answer depends on whether the dishes are washed in running water or are in a tub.

What is the adverb in the sentence You must wash the dishes now?

Now is the adverb in that sentence. It tells when the dishes must be washed.

Does humidity cause dishes to smell?

Humidity doesn't causes dishes to smell, it amplifies the smell. Dishes will smell from the bacteria left behind on poorly washed or dirty dishes.

How did people clean their dishes in 1835?

They washed them in the river and beat them on rocks.

Is this a fragment ''I mopped the floor Mom washed all the dishes.?


Which dishwasher has a see thru door so you can see the dishes being washed?

Electrolux ESF6146S Freestanding Dishwasher with Glass Door is a dishwasher with a see thru door so you can see dishes being washed.

Why was the dishwasher made?

it was made so that dishes and utensil could be washed quickly.