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People paid for the turnpikes when they used the road.

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Q: How were turnpikes paid for?
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What advantages did turnpikes have on the 1800s westward expansion?

Tu This answer is WRONG rnpikes provided a good inland road for travel and for the shipment of goods. The fees travelers paid to use these turnpikes helped pay for construction.

Why did John McAdam invent turnpikes?

John McAdam didn't invent turnpikes. He was a road engineer who began working on turnpikes about 1800. The first English turnpike was established in 1663.

How do the original turnpikes compare with the roads we call turnpikes today?

They both collected money to pay for something.

What was the greatest drawback to turnpikes in the early 19th century?

Maintenance was expensive and traffic was spotty on these early toll roads. "Shunpikes", normal roadways, often paralleled the turnpikes so the cheap people would take them instead of paying the few pennies required to travel the turnpikes. Most turnpikes did not make much money.

Who invented turnpikes?

jon law

Turnpikes have impact on westward Expansion?

There were no turnpikes in the 1800's. The routes taken were wagon paths and no roads will go across the country until the hi way systems were begun in 1950.

How did private companies finance turnpikes?

They collected tolls from travelers.

What is turnpikes?

A turnpike is a road that u pay tu travel on

What is a turnpikes?

A turnpike is a road that u pay tu travel on

Fines for not paying toll fee on Oklahoma turnpikes?


What were the turnpikes in the 1800s?

At a time when public roads are little more than rutted, muddy tracks, turnpikes are roads with an improved surface. A toll was charged, so another name is a toll road.

What is the difference between a freeway and a expressway?

Turnpikes have tolls and freeways dont.