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The soldires were treated like a patient a very safeone .the doctors wound mix up chemicals to help the wound get better.

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Q: How were wounded soldiers treated in American Revolution?
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Who was Sarah Bradlee Fulton and how was she important?

She was considered the "mother of the American revolution." She helped the men get dressed in their Mohawk Indian outfits prior to the Boston Tea party and she also helped them get cleaned up afterward. She also helped the wounded soldiers during war time.

Young woman who gained fame for regularly carrying a pitcher of water to the hot and wounded American soldiers on the battlefield?

Molly pitcher

What are 5 ways women contributed to the patriot cause?

Mary Ludwig, A.K.A. Molly Pitcher, was the wife of someone fighting in the American Revolution who brought water to soldiers in need during the war. Once her husband was wounded, she took his place and fired the canon at war. Deborah Sampson was a woman who wanted to fight in the American Revolutionary War, so she dressed up as a man so she could fight. She was finally discovered when she was sick with yellow fever. Women -cooked -washed clothes -fed soldiers -and took care of the wounded soldiers

How did Mary Ludwig Hays help in the American revolution?

Mary Ludwig Hays helped by giving the American soldier pitcher water while the war was going on. The American soldiers said that she should have not been on the battle field. But Mary Ludwig Hay refuse to stop helping the American soldier. She went on the battle field with her husband. After her husband WA wounded she took is gun and reloded the cannons. they called her "Molly Pitcher."

How many British casualties at Lexington?

95 American casualities total between the two battles. I don't know the individual breakdown of each battle, though.

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How many American Soldiers were wounded in the American Revolution?

Abndio was here

What was xanthorrhiza used for?

It was a medicine that treated soldiers that were wounded.It was a medicine that treated soldiers that were wounded.

How were wounded soldiers treated in ww1?

they had surgery in the battlefield

Who treated the wounded in WW1?

The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first. The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first. The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first.

Did the daughters of liberty fight in the revolutionary war?

The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in 1890 and did not come from any other group.

How many American soldiers died and wounded in world war 2?


Who was th president that was wounded during the American revolution?

James Monroe was wounded at the battle of Trenton, Christmas Day, 1776.

How many Americans were killed during the Revolutionary War?

According to the World Book encyclopedia, there were 25,700 Americans killed, and 10,000 British killed.

What roles did Clara barton play in the civil war?

Clara Barton was a nurse to the wounded soldiers. She also was the founder of the American Red Cross.

Who took the place of her wounded husband during the American revolution?

Margret Hitchet

What were soldiers who helped the wounded in World War 1 called?

DOUGHBOYS On the contrary it was only American soldiers that were given this nickname

What happened to allied wounded in World War 1?

In ww1, soldiers were treated as best as they could be. If they were too injured to continue contributing in the war, then they were sent home.