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probably start a war

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Q: If a president gets a mandate to go to war he will then?
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What happens when a president gets an mandate to go to war?

Probably start a war

How did president poke get Americans to go to war?

Start with President "Polk"

Did John Adams go to any war or was there a war when he was president?


What three things can the president do?

GO to war not go to war and/or mess up the economy/eco-money?

Did John Quincy Adams go to any war or was there a war when he was president?


Did the president want to go to World War 1?


Can a bill be voted in if the president vetos it?

Yes it will go back to congress though. A president can not veto it again if it gets back to him.

What does the war powers act require?

It requires the president to go to congress to declare war.

Did president John Adams want to go to war with France?


What war was President Nixon associated with?

President Nixon was associated with both the escalation of and end of the Vietnam War.

Which US President did not want to go to war with Spain?

William McKinley

What is the president not empowered to do?

he has to get cangresse approal to go to war and stuff like that