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No, I wouldn't have voted for it. The Munich Agreement, generally regarded as the shameful culmination of the Allied refusal (and inability at that time) to confront Nazi aggression. It gave Hitler what he wanted

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Q: If you had been a member of the british house of commons in 1938 will you vote for the munich agreement?
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Which of the following pre-World War 2 situations is most similar to this scenario?

the signing of the munich agreement

What World War 2 figures signed the Munich Agreement a diplomatic effort to stop Adolf Hitler's plans for empire building in exchange for Germany's annexation of part of Czechoslovakia?

Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Where is the neuschwanstein castle located?

Just on German side of Austrian/German border. Bavaria. 1hour and half drive from munich

Why did appeasement happen in 1938?

Hitler's appeasement was a policy of providing concessions to Nazi Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler by European powers Britain and France mainly. The appeasement policy had many reasons. The British army was not strong enough to challenge German military which had grown tremendously during Hitler's time. A general consensus was that Treaty of Versailles was unfair and global powers were willing to make up to Germany. British leadership believed that Hitler provided a defense against Soviet communism.

Did the west buy valuable time to rearm at Munich in 1938?

The Allies, notably Great Britain, had little choice but to appease: Britain had a strong fleet but no land army that was any match for Germany's at the time. France was divided on the subject and anyway focused on defence against Germany, not on offense. The USA was firmly isolationist: public and Congress were totally against any further involvement in European wars and would remain so until well into WW 2. The other European countries were either poorly armed, keen to stay out of trouble or had Fascist regimes themselves. Britain and France were indeed buying time: France to further strengthen its defences, Britain expecting that Germany's mostly eastward annexations would finally get them into armed conflict with the USSR, which would weaken both parties.

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What was the name of the agreement signed by british prime minister Neville chamberlain what followed this political principle?

The Munich Agreement

What did chamberlain do about the munich agreement?

Neville Chamberlain was a signatory of the Munich Agreement.

What was the term used for the British Prime Minister's agreement with Hitler?

The name of the agreement referred to in the question was the Munich Agreement. The term used to describe the policy and/or philosophy behind it was appeasement.

The agreement with Hitler in 1938?

It was called the Munich agreement.

Where did Hitler get permission to take Czechoslovakia?

Hitler obtained permission to go to war with Czechoslovakia in Munich, Germany via the Munich agreement. The Munich Agreement occurred in 1938.

Agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia?

The Munich agreement.

What was the agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia?

Munich Agreement

What agreement gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia?

The Munich Agreement.

What agreement was signed to avoid World War 2?

Munich Agreement

What was the agreement made at the Munich Conference?

The agreement was that Germany gets the sudetenland.

Agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia in 1938?

The Munich Agreement

Hitler violated the Munich agreement when he invaded in 1939?

When Hitler invaded Poland and other countries in 1939 and 1940 he violated the Munich Agreement.