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division of power among different levels of government

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Witch of the following phrases from the U.S. Constitution best reflects the Principe of popular sovereignty?

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Q: In 1788 and 1789 a major controversy between the federalist and the anti federalist focused on?
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By 1800 the federalist party was one of the major political parties and this party was the other one?

The Democratic-Republican Party

How was the conflict between the Federalists and the Anti federalists resolved?

The major compromises between the federalists and the anti-federalists include individual versus federal rights. It also includes the resolution of slavery under a republican government, as well as state rights versus federal government in relation to taxation and the military.

What does it mean to say that the two major parties are more election oriented than issue oriented?

Election-oriented means that a party is focused on getting elected for an office. Issue-oriented means that a party is more focused on a certain political issue. So saying that the major parties are more election-oriented means that they put their efforts into getting candidates from their party elected, not just getting the public focused on an issue.

Why was Marshall hesitant to serve a cabinet officer wit a writ?

Because if Marshall ruled in favor of Marbury, then the president Madison, would probably ignore the court and cause a major debate on the constitutionality of the argument. It would create a huge controversy on the argument and the Supreme Court could have lost some of its powers. This is why he did not want to give Marbury a writ - he wanted to avoid controversy and therefore declared it unconstitutional.

What was not a major source of ideas for the Constitution?

The Magna Carta and England's unwritten constitution is a major source. The works of John Locke and other Englightenment philosophers is another. The founder's experiences in the Revolution and with the Articles of Confederation were also important. In terms of specifics, the Federalist Papers that Adams, Madison, and Jay wrote were very important.

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What was the major issue in the debate between the Federalists and the anti federalist?

The issue that divided them was that the federalist were in favor of a strong central government while the anti federalists were opposed to it.

What was a major result of the Watergate controversy?

President Nixon resign

What was the major controversy surrounding the language and wording of the Declaration?


What was the major source of tension between Britain and the US in the 1840's?

The main issues between the US and the British were focused on expansion, land acquisition and borders

What a major difference between the communist ideologies practiced in the Soviet Union and China before the death of Mao Zedong?

The Soviet style of communism focused on urban workers, while the Chinese style focused on rural peasants.

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Water pollution is the major controversy that surrounds fracking.

Which of the following describes a major difference between the communist ideologies practiced in the Soviet Union and China before the death of Mao Zedong?

The Soviet style of communism focused on urban workers, while the Chinese style focused on rural peasants. APEX(;

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To stay focused when faced with a major deadline, I break down the task into smaller, manageable chunks, prioritize them, and create a timeline. I eliminate distractions, work in short, focused bursts with breaks in between, and reward myself for meeting milestones. It's also important to stay organized and maintain clear communication with any team members involved.

A major argument by the anti-federalist for not ratifying the constitution was?

The major argument put worth by the anti-federalists for not ratifying the U. S. Constitution was that it gave the national government too much power. Patrick Henry is an example of someone who was a prominent anti-federalist.

A major federalist accomplishment was?

Asserting American rights aggressively against continuing British domination.

What has been the major area focused for Russian scientist?

Space exploration

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