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legal remedies, equitable remedies, or both

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Q: In a given case most courts may grant?
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Will the supreme court most likely grant a hearing when a case involves the possibility that an innocent person has been wrongly convicted of a crime?

an issue that is being decided inconsistently by the lower courts

Where are most federal case resolved?

In the US District Courts

What court not have appellate jurisdiction?

Lower Courts or District Courts. In a nutshell original jurisdicition, the first to claim power, is given to Supreme court because those guys are big. But the lower courts first get the case and if someone is not satisfied then they appeal to supreme court which is known as appellate jurisdiction. Most cases that supreme court get are appellate jurisdiction which means they have already been heard in lower courts.

When is the US Supreme Court most likely to grant an appeal?

According to Supreme Court Rule 10, the Court is most likely to grant an appeal for cases involving:constitutional issues that conflict with established precedents; orunresolved federal questions in which two or more US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts have issued different rulings (Circuit splits); orstate supreme courts that have decisions contradictory to the US Constitution or established precedent.

Where was narcissus born?

As is the case with most legendary and mythical people, no location for his birth is given.

Can you get sued on a personal loan if there is no contract or time given for a payback?

Most courts, that I have heard of, need a written "contract" with the person taking out the loan signature.

What are the most powerful to least powerful courts in the judicial branch?

The Supreme Court is the most powerful federal court. The Courts of Appeal are the most powerful courts most litigants will ever reach (the Supreme Court only hears a tiny number of cases a year). The District Courts are the trial level courts.

What types of courts exist in most states?

state supreme courts

What is the supreme courts schedule known as?

Most courts use a 'docket'.

A Recent Supreme Court Case?

Better ask the question again, specifying the country that interests you, since most countries have supreme courts. For example, "Name a recent case in the Supreme Court of Burkina Faso".

What do courts use precedents for?

Precedent (an decision made by an earlier, often higher Court in a mostly or completely similar case) in most countries is a strong indicator for a judge how he should decide in a case brought before him.

What is original jurisdiction?

1.The authority of a court to be the first to hear certain cases. 2. The right to hear a case for the first time in forever. "Jurisdiction" is the right, power, or authority to administer justice. "Original jurisdiction" is applicable to courts that have the right to be the first to hear the case, such as trial courts. he two most basic types of jurisdiction are original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction. "Appellate jurisdiction" is applicable to courts that have the right to review decisions from lower courts.