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lists the powers given to national government and the powers denied the states and leaves all other powers to the states

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Q: In assigning the powers of government the Constitution states?
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What is the constitutional of powers?

the assigning of certain powers to the national government and certain ones to the states

The reserved powers belong to who?

Reserved powers belong to the states. Reserved powers are the powers that are not granted to the National Government by the Constitution and they are not denied to the states.

Document that states the powers and duties of a government?


What did the Constitution reserve for the states?

The United States Constitution spells out a number of powers that belong to the Federal government. It also specifies that any powers not given to the Federal government are reserved for the states.

How did the Constitution limited government?

It specifically states what powers the government has. (NovaNet)

What are powers of the states?

The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution reads: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

What are the powers that the constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states?

reserved powers

What are powers not specifically given to the federal government by the US Constitution?

There are many powers not given to the Federal government in the Constitution. Specifically it states that any power not specifically granted to the government will be reserved for the States (interpreted as for the people).

What powers does the constitution give to states but not to the federal government?


Why does the constitution have a long list of powers for the federal government but not for the states?

The American Constitution delegates all powers not specifically assigned to the Federal government to the States. This is know as the 'residual powers clause' and is outlined in Article I.

What did the states demand to go into the constitution?

The states demanded that the powers of the federal government be limited go into the Constitution. The Bill of Rights limits these powers.

How In the US what document specifies which powers belong to the central government and which go to the states?