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You answered your own question. To buy things with the gold.

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Q: In the 1800's people in mining towns in the West often paid for goods with gold nuggets or gold dust what the function of gold?
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What lead mining to statehood for many states in the west?

Mining attracted flocks of people and provided money and an economy. This led to statehood. The greatest success story is that of California, who achieved statehood from the California Gold Rush in the 1800s.

What are some mining tools from the late 1800s?

Long Tom pan and cradle

What resource was most important to the Southern slave economy in the 1800s?


How did the US government encourage the growth of the raildroad industry in the late 1800s?

Steel, Lumber, and Coal mining.

What dynamite was used for in 1800s?

Dynamite was predominately used for quarrying and mining. not to mention the role it played in the building of the railroads

Did people have plains in the 1800s?

they did not have plains back then in the 1800s

Was gold mining back in the mid-1800s dangerous?

Yes, gold mining in the mid-1800s was dangerous due to working conditions, lack of safety regulations, use of explosives, and risk of cave-ins. Miners were exposed to hazardous chemicals like mercury, and accidents, injuries, and fatalities were common.

What technologies gradually replaced placer mining?

Hydraulic mining and dredging technologies gradually replaced placer mining in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These methods allowed for more efficient extraction of gold by using water to dislodge and transport material, increasing the scale and productivity of mining operations.

What were two key people in the mid 1800s?

Two key people in the mid 1800s were the middle class and the poor people.

What did people sell in the 1800s?

well in the 1800s, they sold a variety of things!

Why were imperialist countries interested in China in the 1800s?

Imperialist were interested in China because of their healthy agricultural Economy and their extensive mining and manufacturing industries.

What kinds of jobs did the north have during the 1800s?

Tthe women were music teachers, cooks, cleaning the house and sewing. The men were farming and mining.