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support for economic development

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Q: In the 19th century protective tariffs subsidies for railroads and open immigration showed that the federal government followed a policy of?
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What was the significance of government subsides and tax concessions to railroads?

Subsidies and concessions to railroads in the nineteenth century encouraged the opening up of the Western United States to immigration as well as the setting up of towns, cities, and states.

Money given by the government to stimulate expansion?

Subsidies to railroads

Why did the government give railroads subsidies in the late 1800s?

because they had to go to the bathroom

Which organizations built the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Union and Central Pacific Railroads with sudsidies from the U.S. government

A government policy that protects domestic producers against international competition?


What kind of subsidies did railroad companies receive from the government?

Railroad companies received land grants from the government, in which they were given large parcels of land to help finance the construction of railroads. They also received loans and financial assistance from the government to support their expansion and operation.

Which kinds of government financial aid and land grants paid for railroad construction?


Are government subsidies included in GDP?


What factors supported industrialism?

a. western mining b. immigration c. government subsidies and tax concessions to railroads d. advances in communication e. corporation charters f. laisses faire attitude of government g. Beseemer process h. new sources of power i. high tariffs j. Yankee ingenuity k. entrepreneurs l. vertical and horizontal integration m. national markets n. civil war profits and foreign investments

Why did the gorvernment provide subsidies to railroad companies?

from the government

What is it called when the government gives help to a business?


Explain why a government budget is very difficult to balance?

List some examples of government subsidies.