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In the mystery document who is the father chief?

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Q: In the mystery document who is the father chief?
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Who is the author of the MYSTERY DOCUMENT?

The author of the MYSTERY DOCUMENT is anonymous.

What is the significance of the mystery document?

. What is the significance of the Mystery Document

Did Pocahontas have a father?

Yes, Pocahontas had a father. Her father was Chief Powhatan, who was the paramount chief of the Powhatan Confederacy, a Native American tribe in Virginia.

How did Chief Joseph become Chief?

His father, Tuekakas, who was chief died making him chief.

Where is her father?

who's father? :S a high chief

Who was Chief Sweet grass's father?

Chief tart grass

Who is the father of mystery?

Sherlock Homes

Who was the father of Pocahontas?

chief Powhatan.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Mystery of Tusa - 1913?

The cast of The Mystery of Tusa - 1913 includes: Jack Richardson as The Bandit Chief

Who were Chief Joseph's parents?

Chief Joseph's father was Tuekakas and his mother was Khapkhaponimi.

Who was Pocahontis's father?

her father's name was chief Powhatan... :) hope that helped

Who was the head of an African community?

The chief, or the father.