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In the period from 1789 until 1877 what where the signs that the US had developed a stable constitutional democracy

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The us began inputting reliable presidents and check and balancing systems in its states

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Q: In the period from 1789 until 1877 what where the signs that the US had developed a stable constitutional democracy?
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Is constitution necessary in a stable democracy?

Rule of law is necessary for a stable democracy but it does not need to be a written constitution. Some countries (most known is the UK) have no single constitutional document. Their constitution is merely a set of laws and principles. This is called an uncodified or unwritten constitution. New Zealand is another country without a single constitutional document.

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No it wasn't by 1914 up to 1919 Germany was on a autocracy system

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Mild climate Culture History stable democracy

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Iraq is somewhere between stable and unstable. Iraqi Kurdistan in particular is rather stable with minimal insurgent activity. Central Iraq is more problematic. Iraq is not a developed country, but a developing country.

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all of the above

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There are no terrorist activities in South Africa which has a stable democracy.

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