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Its C. Just looked it up in my government book.

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Q: In the role of servant to their constituents members of congress A- work for their political party B- oversee the work of the executive branch C- screen bills for action by the whole House or Senate D?
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Who are congress members primarily responsible to?

Their constituents* and their political party (mostly democrats or republicans)*Constituents are the people that members of Congress Represent.

What do the members of congress do to the people of the US?

Members of Congress represent the interests and concerns of their constituents in the United States. They draft, introduce, and vote on legislation to address various issues and problems facing the nation. They also provide oversight of the executive branch, conduct investigations, and advocate for their constituents' needs. Additionally, members of Congress listen to their constituents, gather feedback, and communicate with them to stay connected and informed.

What do members of Congress have to balance the needs of?

constituents and the nation

What are people back home referred to by members of congress?


What are three major responsibilities of members of congress?

Crafting, debating, and voting on legislation: Members of Congress are responsible for introducing and shaping bills, participating in committee hearings to discuss and refine legislation, and ultimately voting on proposed laws. Representing constituents: Members of Congress are expected to be the voice of the people they represent. This involves understanding the needs and concerns of their constituents, advocating for their interests, and engaging in regular communication and outreach. Oversight of the executive branch: Congress is responsible for providing oversight of the executive branch to ensure that laws are carried out properly and that government agencies are accountable. This includes conducting investigations, holding hearings, and questioning executive branch officials.

How do members of congress represent their constituents?

The citizen-voter residents of their Congressional DIstrict.

What do most congress members do for a living?

Easy!! 4 things.... 1. Constituents 2. Nation 3. Political parties 4. Interest groups Mostly interest groups

What is the name for the constituents of Congress members?

No, constituents is a name used to describe the people who live and vote in a Congressman's political district. These are the people who elected him to office, and can either vote to reelect him to that position or vote him out, giving another representative the opportunity to represent them.

What is the term for help congress members give constituents in dealing with the federal government?


What is the term for help that congress members give constituents in dealing with the federal government?


When members of Congress vote with their political party they are acting as what?

When members of Congress vote with their political party, they are acting as partisan.

When legislation does reach the floor what influences the way a member of Congress votes?

Members of Congress get a lot of input from special interest groups, lobbyists, and Political Action Committees (PACs) as well as from constituents in the form of petitions and calls, letters and e-mails from individuals. The messages from the constituents should be a Senator's or a Representative's primary consideration in his/her decision making process, but unfortunately the primary consideration is what his/her political party wants.