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the Continental army took place somewhere in the united states of American British took place in Yorktown

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Q: In what two places did battles take place in 1775?
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When did the battles of Lexington and Concord take place?

On April 19, 1775. They were the first battles of the Revolutionary War between the British army and American colonists.

In what state did the battles of lexington and concord take place?


In what places do battles take place?

Majority of the fighting that took place were in the states of Virginia and Tennessee

Where did the battles of lexington and concord take place?

it happend in lexington massachussettsit occured April 19 1775 and in Massachusetts

Where did the War of 1775 take place?


Where did the siege of Boston take place at?


What year did the battle bunker hill take place?

June 17, 1775

When did the fighting at lexington and concord take place?

it took place in 1775

Where did all 1781 battles take place?

most battles toke place in the US.

What date did the revoluitionary war take place?

1775 to 1783.

When did the Battle of Lexington take place?

April 19, 1775.

What year did the battle of Chelsea creek take place?