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tn what war were the minutemen prepared to fight

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The American Revolutionary War (which was between the American colonists and the occupying British).

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Q: In what war were the minutemen prepared to fight?
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What war did the minutemen prepared to fight?

the American Revolution

Colonists who were prepared to fight on short notice were called?

During the American Revolutionary War, they were commonly referred to as "minutemen"

Who were colonistist that were prepared to fight at the drop of a hat?

If you mean in the United States, those were called "minutemen".

The American Revolutionary War group known as Minutemen were ready to do what in a minute?


Patriot soldiers who were prepared to assemble quickly from their home when needed?

During the American Civil War, the patriots who were prepared to assemble quickly in times of need became known as "minutemen". Utilized often in the early part of the war, the minutemen troops were gradually replaced by professional soldiers who remained in service for long periods of time.

Why did the minutemen fight against british?

minutemen didn't lead to the revolution, salutary neglect of the colonies did, the minutemen won the revolutionary war for the USA among other factors.

How do you write a sentence using the word minutemen?

The minutemen were prepared to defend the town.

Who nickname was Minute Man?

Minutemen were people who were ready to fight in a war at a minutes notice.

Who were Colonial farmers ready to fight in an instant?

the minutemen

How long did it take minutemen to get ready to fight?

Why do you think they are called minutemen? About a minute.

Minutemen American revolution?

Minutemen were patriots who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.

Where do minutemen work?

Technically they don't work any more. Minutemen were armed fighters who pledged to be ready too fight in just a minutes notice during the Revolutionary War. They were U.S. soldiers.