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n what ways did popular sovereignty stir up sectional tensions in the 1850s?

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Q: In what ways did popular sovereignty stir up sectional tensions in the 1850s?
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What did the situation in Kansas in the mid 1850s indicate the impracticality of?

Popular Sovereignty

Could anything have been done to resolve the issues of the sectional crisis of the 1850s?

Sectional crisis where? Be more specific.

What were the consequences of popular sovereignty in Kansas?

a violent clash between pro-slavery and antislavery forces

Which man was not involve in the mid-1850s as a result of tensions between the north and south?


Who emerged in the 1850s as an antislavery party and consisted of former Northern Whigs and antislavery Democrats?

the whigs and democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty

Why did sectional tensions strengthen during the 1850s?

Import tariffs to protect American industry, which was nearly all in the North. It was the South that wanted cheap imports, but would be increasingly taxed on them. The annexing of vast territories from Mexico, which many people believed should be free soil. This would have weakened Southern voting power in Congress.

What were popular boys names in the 1850s?

James. bob, bill, harry.

What determined the status of slavery in territories in the 1850s?

Under the 1850 Compromise, New Mexico and Utah were allowed in as slave-states, in exchange for California as free soil. After that, Kansas and Nebraska were to be admitted on a local vote on slavery ('Popular Sovereignty'). This resulted in bloodshed that foreshadowed the Civil War.

What did Roger b Taney do that increased regional tensions in the United states during the 1850s?

During that time Taney led the Supreme Court, which declared slaves to be property.

What were the political economic and religious tensions between immigrant Roman Catholics and native born Protestants in the US from the 1830s - 1850s?

do your apush homework..

What was the most popular route for Westward migration in the 1840s and 1850s?

i think it the Oregon trail

What was badminton called in the 1800?

It was once called poonah after the town of Pune where it was popular in the 1850s.