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Southern states disenfranchised Blacks through the use of Jim Crow laws. They weren't allowed to use the same public facilities as Whites and they didn't have the same rights.

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Q: In what ways did the southern states disenfranchise the blacks?
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What were what ways did the African Americans gain power in the south?

While the Fifteenth Amendment ensured that African-Americans could not be denied the right to vote simply because they were African-American, the southern states came up with various ways to disenfranchise blacks.

How did southern blacks lose rights in the years after the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments?

Some white Southerners used state legislation, segregation, and violence to limit the freedoms of blacks.

What are 3 ways in which Jim crow states segregated blacks and whites?

Jim Crow separated blacks and whites by preventing them from going to school together and using the same public facilities such as restrooms. Blacks and whites had separate entrances to businesses and public transportation had separate sections for whites and blacks.

What are three ways southern states tried to circumvent the 15th amendment?

They created very stringent voter registration standards. They also imposed poll taxes that made voting too expensive for blacks. They also had literacy tests, which made it difficult for blacks to vote, as most of them were freed slaves who had little to no education.

How were black Americans discriminated and segregated against in the southern states of America in the 1950's and 60's?

Blacks and whites were segregated socially and politically. Although not illegal (most places), interracial marriage was frowned upon, and whites typically did not hang around blacks (or vice versa). Blacks also had different jobs than whites, typically more hardworking for less pay. Blacks also had very little political liberties. Although granted the right to vote in 1865, blacks were hindered from voting (especially in the Southern US) in various ways until 1957. Segregation means separation, and whites and blacks were separated from many aspects of society. There were white and black neighborhoods, white and black schools, white and black restaurants, white and black bathrooms, etc.

How did southern states restrict African American voting rights in the 1890?

Most Southern states, starting with Mississippi, tried many ways to block and restrict the voting rights of African American voters. Some of these ways included the requirement of literacy testing, poll taxes and the white primary.

In what ways did economy of the southern colonies depend on the practice of slavery?

The southern states used unpaid labor, slavery, for their businesses. With no labor costs, they were able to make hefty profits.

What ways did the KKK treat blacks?

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What are ways of life in northern and southern states and identify factors that caused rapid urbanization and the growth of slavery?

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Where blacks treated like slaves in the 1950's?

Depends on who you talk to, in some ways yes, in some ways no. In some countries blacks are still treated as slaves. In America blacks did not have the same civil liberties that white people had, however they were not bought and sold as property (...not openly).

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