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Q: In what year did congress pass the Equal Rights Amendment?
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Why did congress pass the suffrage amendment?

To give equal voting rights to women. Congress did not enact that amendment or any other. The STATES amended the Constitution to allow female voting.

Who wrote the Equal Rights Amendment?

The famous feminist Alice Paul wrote it, in the early 1920s. But it took until the 1970s for it to pass congress and be sent to the states for ratification.

Brief history of the Equal Rights Amendment?

Starting in 1848, the Equal Rights Amendment has been an ongoing struggle with each new victory bringing new need for equality. In 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott gathered around 300 men and women at the Seneca Falls convention to protest for women's rights. The official Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1923 and did not pass through each Congress until 1972. In 1982, not enough states had been ratified and it was re-introduced. Since 1994, it was been introduced into every Congress and has been accepted.

What amendment did Congress pass in 1865 and what did the amendment do?

The amendment that Congress passed in 1865 was the Thirteenth amendment and it banned slavery in the United States.

What stopped the equal rights amendment from being passed?

It did not pass because it was not ratified by 38 states (or 3/4 of the states) which it needed to be to become an amendment.

Which amendment allowed congress to pass an income tax?

16th amendment

Is the failed equal rights the 14th amendment?

The 14th amendment does concern equal rights, but it would be an error to describe it as "failed" ... it just took a while (100 years or so) to actually become effectual in practice. The proposed amendment called the Equal Rights Amendment that was never passed, and could therefore reasonably be described as "failed", would have been the 20th amendment had it passed when it was proposed, or the 27th if had passed when it was finally accepted by Congress. Since it was not ratified by a sufficient number of states to be made part of the Constitution, it doesn't HAVE a number, though it could theoretically be re-proposed as what would become the 28th Amendment were it to pass.

Which part of the Fourteenth Amendment declares that states cannot pass laws infringing on citizens' rights?

the equal protection clause

What did the government fail to pass in the 1970s for women's rights?

Education programs receiving government money cannot treat men and women differently.

How much of the congress has to pass a constitutional amendment?

two thirds

Who helped pass the eleventh amendment?

Congress passed the 11th amendment on March 4, 1794.

What allows congress to pass news to help define or clarify unclear provisions?

An amendment allows Congress to pass new laws to help define or clarify unclear provisions. An amendment is an addition to what is already printed.