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commander in chief

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Q: In which role does the President serve as the head of the military?
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Which role does the president serve as the head of the military?

commander in chief

What role does the president serve as a representative of all American?

head of state

What role does the president serve as a representative of all American people?

head of state

What political office must also serve the role of commander of chief?

The President of the US is Commander in Chief of the US Military Forces.

What refers to the president military role?

The US President is the Commander-in-Chief.

What are Lutheran ministers who serve in war called?

Chaplains is the term used for clergy that serve in the military in the role of clergy.

Who is in charge of the military in the white house?

The President. The President assumes the role of Commander in Chief.

Which is true about the president's role as commander in chief?

The President stays in close contact with military leaders

Will the president of Ireland accept new animal companies?

The president of Ireland would have no role in such decisions. The president of Ireland is the head of state, not the head of government, and so has no role in running the country or setting policies.

What is the vice-president military title?

The Vice President of the United States does not hold a military title. They are a civilian government official and do not have a specific military role or designation.

What role does the president of Canada take?

Canada does not have a president. Canada has a Prime Minister (head of government) and a Governor General (head of state).

What statements best describes the role of the president in the Indian Government?

The president is the ceremonial head of state.