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A recall.

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Q: Incumbent can be removed from office by popular vote?
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What is the term for the election where voters remove an incumbent from office by a popular vote?

That is known as a recall election.

What does voting non-incumbent mean?

The incumbent is the current holder of a political office. To vote "non-incumbent" would mean to vote for the challenger to the incumbent's position.

What California governor was removed from office?

You may be thinking of Gray Davis, who was recalled from office by popular vote about a decade ago.

Was Johnson removed from office and by how many votes?

No, Johnson was not removed from office by only one vote; he was acquitted.

In the Grant elections which vote got Grant in office the overall popular vote or the electoral college vote?

popular vote

How do Greek leaders get into office?

popular vote

Can a president be removed from office by a national vote of the people?

No . only the mps can remove him ?

What is an elective office?

Where someone gets into the office by popular vote versus being appointed.

Constitutional institution for choosing presidents that came under severe criticism after the 2000 popular vote winner failed to sin the office?

Popular vote

How close to being removed from office did Andrew Johnson come?

Andrew Johnson was 1 vote shy from being removed from office. Quite the lucky president, I'd say.

What was the vote count to remove Rod Blagojevich from office?

Blagojevich was subsequently convicted and removed from office on January 29, 2009 by a unanimous 59-0 vote in the Illinois State Senate.

WHAT is the disadvante of bein incumbent?

If things are going bad and voters want a change, they may vote against the incumbent.