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Q: Is an icon different from a hero?
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What is the difference between the word icon and hero?

An icon is a symbol or representation of something, while a hero is a person admired for their courage or noble qualities. Icons can be objects or images that represent a concept, while heroes are individuals who are celebrated for their actions or character.

How to get razor in dota?

Click on his icon when choosing a hero.

Who is the super state hero of New York city?

Teddy Roosevelt is an icon.

Where did Sting get the name Icon?

Sting got the name "Icon" when he returned to wrestling in TNA in 2003, as it was a nod to his legendary status in the industry and his longevity as a top performer. It was meant to reflect his iconic status in wrestling.

How do you turn off time lapse on the Gopro hero?

To turn off time lapse mode on the GoPro Hero, simply go to the settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen, select the Video icon, and then choose a different video mode like TimeWarp or Standard video mode to exit the time lapse mode.

Which Guitar Hero is better for ds?

gutiar hero decades in my opinion is better because you get to listen to different music from different decades

Was Barack Obama a hero?

kinda he helped with laws keeping our country safe so he made our country be the best country. :)

Where can one purchase a motorcycle icon jacket?

You can purchase a motocycle icon jacket at Revzilla, Motosport, eBay and Amazon. Nextag, Canada's Motorcycle also carry different types of motorcycle icon jackets.

Do you need a different controller for each Guitar Hero game?

no. i have guitar hero world tour but my guitar is decorated for guitar hero aerosmith.

Can you use band hero guitar on guitar heroes 3?

No because Guitar Hero 3 is old... ish. Band Hero and Guitar Hero are also kinda different.

Can you play Guitar Hero songs on Guitar Hero world tour?

no, each game has a different song except for guitar hero smash hits

Do Guitar Hero instermimts work for band hero?

It should work either way, it's from the same developers after all, Band Hero is just like Guitar Hero with a different name.