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Q: Is it vice or vices included tobacco?
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What is the plural of vice?

The plural form of vice is vices.

What is the part of speech for vices?

The word vices is a plural noun. The singular is vice.

What is the abstract noun of vice?


What are social vices?

What are social vice

What is the opposite of virtue?

Vice is the antonym of virtue.

What does it mean to have a vice?

A "vice" is a generic term for a bad habit. Almost all human beings have some "vices". Smoking, drinking, swearing, are all common vices. A few common vices do not make a person a "bad" person - merely a normally weak (that is to say "human" ) person. Evil vices, such as racial or sexual bigotry are malignant vices, that lower the humanity of the person possessing that vice. Even extremely ordinary things (like a weakness for rich desserts) can be considered a vice in an overweight person, or one who suffers from diabetes, for example.

What are effects of vices in human body?

That all depends on the vice you are talking about

How would you define the word Vices?

A vice is simply a bad habit.

How is it that virtue depends on vice?

Someone who is truly virtuous , would have no vices.

What is the literature review of the pneumatic vice?

A literature review of a pneumatic vice would typically involve summarizing existing research, designs, and applications of pneumatic vices in the literature. It would discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and performance characteristics of pneumatic vices compared to other types of vices. Additionally, it might explore any trends, innovations, or gaps in the current knowledge related to pneumatic vices.

What is human vice?

Vice means "immoral" or "wicked". Human vice is all the everyday sins that we has humans commit. Vices can also be bad habits. Sometimes these habits can be pleasurable, yet bad. Human vices are things like: lying, sex, smoking, cheating, stealing, drugs, selfishness, greed, etc.

What is the opposite of vice?