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Judicial review is an implied power of the Judicial Branch in the US government, but an established practice in common law.

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Q: Is judicial review an explicit or an implied power?
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What is the power of the supreme court to declare law or government action unconstitutional?

The US Supreme Court's ability to declare an Act of Congress unconstitutional arises from the implied power of judicial review.

What elevated the US Supreme Court to a status balancing the powers of the other branches?

The implied power of Judicial Review

What principle allows the US Supreme Court the final word in interpreting the Constitution?

The implied power of judicial review.

What power can declare unconstitutional acts of government?

That power is the power of judicial review.

Elevated the supreme court to a higher status balancing the powers of the other branches?

The Judicial Review elevated the Supreme Court to a higher status, balancing the powers of the other branches. Judicial review is an example of check and balances in a modern governmental system.

What is one power of the judicial branch?

judicial review

What supreme court decision determined that the court had the right to rule on the constitutional laws?

The case of Marbury v. Madison in 1803 created the concept of "judicial review". Judicial review is the power to determine whether any laws are contrary to the Constitution. This power is not specifically given to the judicial branch in the Constitution, however it is the main check and balance the judicial branch has against the legislative and executive branch.

What power does judicial review give to the judicial branch?

no the power of judicial review is not mentioned in the constitution. because Judicial Review was used in 13th century law but the courts didn't agree with it so it was forgotten. until the case of Marbury v. Madison that is when Judicial Review came back to the power of the Supreme Court.

What is the power of the courts to declare laws invalid if they violate the Constitution?

Judicial Review

When the supreme court declares a law as unconstitutional we have an example of what?

judicial review

Internal Review Service?

an implied power of congress

How did the Supreme Court get rid of judicial review?

It didn't. Judicial review is the US Supreme Court's greatest power.