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no- he must pay for the food he eats.

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Q: Is the president provided monthly food allowance?
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What items were the slaves given on allowance day?

On allowance day, slaves were typically given food rations such as cornmeal, salted pork, molasses, and occasionally some extra items like clothing or shoes. This allocation was meant to last until the next allowance day, which could be weekly or monthly depending on the plantation.

Can you get an example of a letter asking the money for food allowance?

hi sir please provide e my food allowance of aed 410

What is food allowance?

Food allowance is a ration of food given for a certain amount of time. This is given to people in need of food, whether poor or in the military.

What is the salary of Tanzania president?

The president of Tanzania Kikwete salary per annum is Tsh 300,000,000/= three hundred million of which if convert to USD is $187,500/ the president gets many benefits free accomodations at resident all food and loundry and transportations is fully paid the president gets full medical including all his family members president also gets clothing allowance, travel and enteratiainment allowance

If your husband is military what are your rights being married to a military spouse?

The spouse's rights are basically the same as the soldiers, you are entitled to a portion of the Housing Allowance and Food Allowance, you must be provided health and dental insurance, a place to live and food on the table, you have the same legal options and benefit's, access to most place on a military base.

A fixed allowance for food?


What is the average food allowance for a traveling businessman?


A fixed allowance of food in world war2?


Did slave received a daily allowance of food?

No. They usually didn't recieve any food!

What is a sentence for monthly?

if you do not go to the grocery store monthly you will run out of food

What is a sumptuary allowance?

relating to private expenditure on food and personal items

What is your empty-calorie allowance?

It is very easy to exceed your empty calorie allowance, even when making careful food choices. Fats are concentrated sources of calories.