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Yes. All of the cabinet is in the executive branch.

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Q: Is the secretary of agriculture part of the executive branch?
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What branch of government is the secretary of defense in?

The secretary of defense is a cabinet position and a part of the executive branch.

What Branch is the Secretary of Treasury part of?

In the judicial branch

Is the senate the secratery state?

No. The Secretary of State is a member of the President's Cabinet, and part of the Executive branch of government.

What officers are part of the executive branch of government?

It consists of the President the Vice president

The president is part of what branch of government?

The President is chief executive officer of the Executive Branch.

What branch governor lieutenant governor attorney general secretary of state state comptroller and state treasurer belong?

These are part of the executive branch.

What is a person called that runs each department within the executive branch?

As a group, they are part of the Cabinet; separately, they are a Secretary of the Department--such as Secretary of the Treasury, etc.

The US treasury department is in what branch of government?

I would say the executive branch. The Secretary of the Treasury controls the US Treasury, and the S of T is a part of the executive branch since that is a cabinet post.

What is part of executive branch?

The executive branch is just the President

What congress is the executive branch in?

The executive branch is part of our Congress.

What branch of government are cabinet members a part of?

They are alol part of the Executive Branch because they all help the President.The president is the leader of the Executive branch, therefore, they are part of the executive branch

Is the president executive judicial or legislative?

The President is part of the executive branch, and Congress is part of the legislative branch. Courts, such as the Supreme Court, are part of the judicial branch.