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Yes, there are two. One is a statue by Herbert Haseltine, located at the National Cathedral. The other is at Washington Circle.

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Q: Is there an equestrian statue of George Washington in Washington DC?
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Is there a statue in honor of Ulysses S. Grant?

yes, One of them is a large equestrian statue in Washington, DC.

How many George Washington monuments are there?

I have researched 30:- The Washington Memorial in Washingtion DC. The Boonsboro memorial. Part of the Mt Rushmore Memorial. George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria. Many places and entities have been named in honor of Washington. Equestrian statue in Washington Circle, Washington, D.C. There is another equestrian statue of him statue of him in Richmond, Virginia. There is also Jean Antoine Houdon's original marble statue in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Richmond and 22 copies of this made in bronze, one of which is in London and stands in front of the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.

Where is General Meade's statue in Washington DC?

The statue is located at Gettysburg.

Why is there a statue of Thomas Jefferson in Washington D.C.?

His statue was in washington DC becouse his funeral was taken place there

What is one fact about Washington DC?

Washington DC was named by george washington.

How tall is sacajawea's statue in Washington DC?

The statue is about 5 to 6 feet tall

Why does George Washington represent Washington DC?

Because Washing DC was named after him.

What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.

Who helped design Washington DC?

George Washington.

Who chose Washington DC as a capital?

George Washington

Where is Martha Washington barried?

in washington dc next to george washington

What famous obelisk honors George Washington?

The Washington Monument in Washington DC.