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Q: Is totalitarianism government still used today?
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How are the principles of government still important today?

Their laws are still used today.

Wrote the set of government rules that is still used today?

constitutional convention

Who wrote the set of government rules that is still used today?

Constitutional Convention

What does totalitarianism have to do with World War 2?

Totalitarianism is the belief that the government has complete and total control over everything. It limits freedoms. Totalitarianism was used in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It is also being debated whether or not Fascist Italy was a totalitarian regime.

Why is the great compromised still used today?

It is part of the constitution which is still an active working plan for government.

What was the middle colonies government?

Socialist Democracy. it didn't work out too well, so they switch to Capitalistic Totalitarianism. It's the government used in seven counties to this date.

The set of rules for operating the United States government that is still being used today?

Constitution ***NovaNET***

Is a bullhook still used today?

yes it is still used today

Is the tank still used today?

the tank is still used today. For example the M1 Abrams is still used

Is longhouses still used today?

long houses are not still used today

How was totalitarianism used back in the day?

It wasn't

Delegates at the constitutional convention wrote the set of government rules that is still used today true or false?

Most of the provisions written by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of the United States are still used today. The way the president is elected has been modified.