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Jefferson decreased the power of the Federal Government

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Q: Jefferson decreased what power?
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What power did Jefferson decrease?

Jefferson decreased the power of the Federal Government.

What was not a Republican idea that Thomas Jefferson wanted to use in his presidency?

Decreased states' power

What did Jefferson do to reduce the power of the government?

Jefferson did many things to try to reduce the power of the Federal government. He tried to cut federal budget and reduce federal debt. He decreased the size of government departments. Jefferson decreased the size of the government departments and prompted laissez-faire policies in economic affairs. Then he asked Congress to repeal the whiskey tax.

What happens to the power of an electric circuit of the resistance is decreased?

if the resistance is decreased and the current stays the same, then the power decreases.

Constitution of 1791?

decreased the power of Louis XVI

What type of economy did Jefferson support and what were his feelings about the power of the federal government vs the power of the states?

jefferson hated gverment

What are the Jefferson memorials power?


What happens to power if piston diameter is changed?

If the size of the piston is increased, the power will increase. If it is decreased, the power will decrease.

What did Jefferson believed that the power of the government belonged in the hands?

power of the states

What does Jefferson fear of?

fear of absolute power

From 1710 to 1750 English colonies in America?

increased the power of their legislatures and decreased the power of their royal governors.

What facts support the conclusion that Jefferson was a federalist?

that Jefferson wanted it to have the government and the people to have equal power and IT IS NOT CANDY