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The third day of January every odd numbered year.
January 3rd

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Q: Legislative branch--when do these meetings begin?
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When do the legislative branch meetings begin?

The Legislative Branch meetings are on the third day of January every odd - numbered year.

Who presides over the meetings of legislative council?

The speaker

Who attends committee meetings?

legislative assistantThe members of a committee attend the committee meetings.

What staff member attends committee meetings of the lawmaker?

legislative assistant

How did Meetings begin?

Meetings undoubtedly started when the first cave dwellers met to make crude hunting plans

When does congress meetings start?

when does conress yearly assembles begin?

When does congress begin meetings?

It begins on the third day of January

Where does the two houses meetings begin?

Congress begins its meetings on the third day of January every odd-numbered year.

What has the author Albert G Pickerell written?

Albert G. Pickerell has written: 'The University of California' -- subject(s): Berkeley University of California, Pictorial works 'Open public meetings of legislative bodies--California's Brown act' -- subject(s): Legislative bodies, Local government, Public meetings

Name of chinas building for government meetings?

The Great Hall of the People is China's building for government meetings. This is where officials gather for speeches, and ceremonial and legislative activities. It is the meeting place of the National peoples Congress.

What has the author John B Adams written?

John B. Adams has written: 'State open meetings laws: an overview' -- subject(s): Public meetings, States, Legislative bodies, Parliamentary practice

Many meetings begin with a spiritual thought or prayer How do you feel about attending meetings where that would occur?

I respect people's diverse beliefs and understand that for some, starting with a spiritual thought or prayer is important for setting the tone of the meeting. As long as attendance is not mandatory and everyone is made to feel comfortable regardless of their beliefs, I am open to participating in such meetings.