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consumer- Purchasing goods and services

producers-Providing goods and services

worker-Making goods and services

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consumer-uses goods and services

producer -provides goods and services

worker- creates goods and services

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Q: Match the role with the actions taken by players in that role.?
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What describes a player's role in any game A The way players score points B The number of turns players get to take C The actions expected of players D The name of players' characters?

A player's role is to cooperate with other players and to perform the role that is expected of him or her. This does not matter what kind of game or how many players are present. The role and expectations remain the same.

What do you do in a role playing game?

In a role playing game players become the roles of characters in a fictional setting. There are several different types of RPG including LARP (Live action Role Playing) where players physically perform actions from their characters.

Who are the role players in budgeting?

the role of the internal and external role players in budgeting

What does the acronym LARP stand for?

LARP stands for "Live Action Role Play". This is a type of real life role-playing game in which the players physically act out their character's actions, sometimes with costumes.

Who are the role players in production planning?

role players in production planning

Who are role players in production planning?

role players in production planning

How do you put your create player on a team on 2k12?

When you start the franchise, it will ask you to change your players roles. Then you must follow the instructions and you will be able to make your players starters, stars, role players, bench warmers and 6th men.

Who are the role players in the criminal justice system?

There are several role players in the criminal justice system. The judges, district attorneys, defense lawyers, paralegals, and others are the major role players.

What is the difference between a role and a privilege?

A role defines the responsibilities and access levels a user has within a system or organization, while a privilege is a specific permission granted within that role to perform certain actions or access certain resources. Roles set the broader scope of authority, while privileges provide granular control over what actions can be taken within that role.

What is the definition of shutdown in sports?

Shutdown players in games are always referred as those who has a capability to defend against the opposite parties and can win the match. These players are key role in the team where the opponent has to be quite in front of them i.e can excel in front of these teams.

Can you get thrown in prison in RuneScape?

no but if youre playing clan wars when you die you get in prison and when the match finishes you get out. and the random event when you get into this cell and other players get to free you no but role playing yes

What are role players of global village?

Role players in the global village include governments, multinational corporations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individual citizens. Each of these actors plays a crucial role in shaping global policies, trade agreements, environmental initiatives, and cultural exchanges that impact the interconnected world we live in.