May be setting a precedent

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: May be setting a precedent
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The 1908 case of Muller v State of Oregon was the precedent setting in that the supreme court?

The 1908 Case Of Muller Vs. State Of Orgeon Was Precedent Setting In That The Supreme Court

Why George Washington concerned about setting precedent?

Ballsack in my mouth!

When a case sets up new ways to look at a law what is it known as?

A "landmark" or a "precedent-setting" case.

The charge of which printer john peter zenger was acquitted setting an important precedent for freedom of the press?

He was accused of libel.

What two types of precedent are there in doctrine of precedent?

binding(mandatory) precedent persuasive precedent

An earlier model upon which judges may base decisions?


An appeal to precedent is a type of?

an appeal to precedent is a type of an appeal to precedent is a type of

How do courts affect other courts?

'Setting a precedent' is similar to saying 'setting the standard'. When a court (with a large jurisdiction) rules a certain away, they set a standard that forces the lower courts to make similar rulings for similar circumstances.

What does the system of judicial precedent mean?

The way the question is asked: USING judicial precedent, means that the judge is following the lead of a decision in a similar case that has already been decided upon and he is ruling the same way using the other case as a guideline. If the questioner meant to ask what does SETTING judicial precedent mean. . . that means that the judge was rendering a decision in a case of a type that had never been tried, or ruled upon, in the past, and that his verdict would set the 'precedent' by which all future cases might be judged. Judges, by the way, do NOT necessarily have to follow precedent in making rulings.

To what extent are precedent are binding or not binding?

it depends on how old the precedent is, how closely related is it to the case you are looking at and the difference between your precedent and crown/defense lawyer's precedent

Should you say set a precedence or precedent?


What term describes a ruling in an earlier legal case that is similar to a current case?