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In the US, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for a party are announced at the party's respective convention. Both the Democratic and the Republican ones occured in fall of 2008.

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Q: Meetings to select the party's presidential and vice presidential candidates are called?
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Who where the candidates in the 2004 presidential election in the US?

Candidates on the ballots from the two major political parties were George Bush, Jr. and John Kerry. before it got down to just the two partys

Who was the free soil partys canadidate for president?

The Free Soil Party's presidential candidates were Martin Van Buren in 1848 and John Hale in 1852.

Who were the 2 anti-war candidates for the Democratic Partys presidential nominationin 1968?

I'm not sure who the other was but one of them was Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated during the primaries.

What must candidates who hope to win their partys nomination do?

do well in the primaries

Candidates who hope to win their partys nomination must?

Candidates who hope to win their party and nomination must appeal to the people's emotions -- behave like Donald Trump.

The adoption of which progressive reform denied political bosses the power to pick their partys candidates for general elections?

secret ballot

Which of following is a danger for candidates who succed in winning a major partys nomination?

Defining their policies in terms too extreme for the general electorate

What is the purpose of a political partys platform?

In the theory the platform states the goals of the party and what its candidates will try to get done if they are elected. In practice, most candidates set their own agenda and the party platform is either ignored or else is so vague that almost anything satisfies it.

When a voter must be registered with a party prior to voting in that partys election it is called?

closed primary

What is the most important thing political partys look for in candidates?

Someone who shares the party's beliefs.

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