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Q: Name Previous English capital cities
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Name of the capital cities of Alaska?


Which are capital cities starting with the letter I?

Istanbul the capital of Turkey name begins with the letter I.

Is the capital of Poland Warsaw or Warzawa?

Warsaw is the English name of the capital of Poland, and Warszawa is the Polish name.

Capital cities named after queen Victoria?

The English Queen Victoria left quite an impact on the world that did not stay just within the boundaries of the United Kingdom. Rather, she lent her name to various capital cities around the world. There are two capitals in Canada named after her.

Name all important cities in UK?

Leeds to be capital!

Name three cities where the US capital has located?


Name the capital of Romania?

The capital of Romania is București (Bucharest in English).

Name 3 cities of Mozambique?

Maputo (capital), Inhambane and Beira.

Which African capital city has a name called three towns?

The African capital city with a name that translates to "three towns" is Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Tripoli is derived from the Greek "Τρίπολις" which means "three cities."

Augusta is the capital of what?

Actually, Augusta is the name of a city, not the name of a state. (Cities don't have capitals. They can BE a capital, though-- the capital of a state.) And while there are a number of cities in the USA named "Augusta," the one that is also a capital is Augusta, Maine. Augusta became the capital of Maine in 1827, and it is still the capital of that state.

Name the six capital cities in Europe that begin with the letter b?

Capital cities in Europe that begin with the letter B:Berlin, GermanyBern, SwitzerlandBratislava, SloveniaBrussels, BelgiumBucharest, RomaniaBudapest, Hungary

What Capital cities have the same name?

Indianapolis, Indiana Oklahoma City, Oklahoma