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add land to their estates

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Q: Nobles and lords joined the crusades thinking they would?
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Are lords and nobles the same thing?

A lord is a noble. Nobility is a social status while Lord is a rank in nobility.

What did the King give to the nobles (lords)?

The lords promised to support the monarch with knights.

What led the Catholic Church to push for a code of chivalry?

the way of lords made all the night work togther

The --- is made up of nobles and clergy?

House of Lords

What were medieval lords?

Medieval lords were the nobles in charge of lands and castles. They owed allegiance to the kings.

How did the Crusades weaken the feudal system?

Feudalism didn't die out completely from the Crusades. The Crusades helped it lessen a bit. This happened because nobles who joined the Crusades sold their land and freed the serfs. This reduced their power and enabled the kings to build stronger central governments.

What social class in Europe gained power after the crusades?

That would be the Burghers, or the middle class. After the crusades, trade required a money economy to be used throughout Europe, undermining the way the Feudal system worked. Lords had to pay their serfs, and there was little way for them to do that. As a result, many of the lords lost land and the serfs on it were freed, becoming the Middle Class. Another reason that some of the lords were displaced is because some nobles died in battle in the Crusades and their land went to kings. Other nobles sold their land for war supplies and allowed their serfs to buy freedom and inhabit the town or be free on the land. The middle class was also on kings' good sides in the first place because the King could collect taxes from them to fund wars.

What division of british parliament did nobles serve for life?

The House of Lords.

Was the English gentry not nobles part of parlement?

nope they were house of lords

What does les grands seigneurs mean?

It means 'The great lords' or 'The nobles'.

What advantages did feudalism offer the nobles?

Feudalism give the nobles land from the lords in exchange for military protection from the knights who were usually sons of the nobles. Feudalism gave some stability to the nobles in a what was a violent era.

What was the council of nobles?

There were various councils of nobles, but the most important were sections of parliaments. In England, this was the House of Lords, and in France this was the Second Estate.